Office Hours

Our office hours are:
Monday – Thursday:  9am – 5pm with Urgent care hours 6pm – 9pm
Friday:  9am – 5pm
Saturday – Sunday: 9am – 12 noon (depending on patient volume)

Our secretaries are in the office by 8am during the week and 7:30am on weekends to schedule appointments and many of our physicians routinely offer earlier appointments (as early as 8am) when needed.

For after hour emergencies, we have paired with The Night Nurse service.  If your child is urgently ill after office hours, an experienced pediatric nurse will be paged to evaluate your child over the phone.  If necessary, there is always a Pediatric Associates Physician or Physician’s Assistant on call to advise you.

Directions to our office

We are located at 41 Germantown Road in Danbury, Connecticut.


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